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  • Colognes

    Hydrating, long lasting, and hypoallergenic. These colognes are a complete immersion to the world of molecular fragrances. Enter the new era of beauty, fashion, and health. A leap that makes a statement for refreshing and vibrant scents.

    All of the colognes are unique in that they are molecular fragrances, effectively remove all the toxic components traditionally associated to colognes. They are also unique in that they are based on 100% essential oils, without the use of any artificial fragrance oils.

  • Perfumes

    Make your statement for healthy, environmentally-friendly, and cruelty-free fragrances with these perfumes. Each is crafted to invoke a limbic response, definitely leaves a lasting statement on anyone who smells it.

    Your choice of personal fragrances and perfumes. The personal fragrance is best for intimate close-up encounters, while perfumes are made to leave an impression. Every perfume is made entirely with the world's highest quality cold-pressed essential oils.

  • Biocosmeticals

    Benefit your skin and body with these scientifically formulated blends. Serum replacement is 100% animal-free products, all of the components come from a sustainable plant or laboratory origin. The blends are made with science in mind, and backed by years of research and the latest trends in the community.

    We were founded by clinical scientists and experts in tissue regeneration and healing by adult stem cells. The skin and other organs contain blood vessels that are lined with adult stem cells, and our formulas are developed from the ground-up to benefit their physiology to result in the highest quality matrix development, and safe for continuous and long-term application.

    Feminine health formulas made specifically to help balance pH and restore flora balance. Solvent-Free Solutions that are hydrating and healing to boost health, confidence, and pleasure.

  • Personal Care

    Fragranced deodorants, cleansers, tonics, and hydrators made with anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, and anti-parasitic essential oils. The molecular emulsions eliminate damages caused to the efficacy of these oils, and maintain nature's awesome powers. Biological and surface cleansers that eliminate odor at its source. Feminine hygiene cleansers designed to combat yeast infections and body odor. All of the products are solvent-free and unispecies. Strong enough to get rid of wet dog smell, and good enough to enhance pleasure in the most intimate and vulnerable circumstances.

  • Industrial

    Bulk formula deodorizers, general purpose disinfectants, and minimum risk pesticides. The addition of solvent-free solutions eliminates irritation and offense that cause disability. Sustainable and eco-friendly formulas with responsible, accountable, and transparent sourcing.

    All of the products are made in the USA, and all essential oils are USDA Organic certified. Engage with the microeconomies of scale, and benefit your operations today with healthy alternatives. These products entirely replace products that cause damage, pollution, and harm to others and the environment. Available for a variety of industries including hospitality, agriculture, and others.

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#alpha #dominant

A compassionate alpha male scent, made to be remembered in the best ways. Faint masculine tones of juniper berries are devoured by a beastly blend of basil, nutmeg, and sandalwood.

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Husky Woods

#forest #wild

Vetiver, oak moss, amber, cedar, patchouli, and oud combine to make a complex smell of the forest. Citrusy base undertones with bittersweet notes, providing a rich and sexy experience.

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Cane Corso


Inspired by traditional Indian, Persian, and Roman scents, this cologne is made from amber, sandalwood, and vanilla. It’s perfect for a night of conquest, and made to match gladiator caligae.