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Safe Antiseptics
100% Non-Irritating

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Safe Antiseptic

Essential Oils + Hydration

Kills odor and disease causing microbes, yeast, fungi, and parasites.

Safe even for the most sensitive skin.
Safe to smell by BABIES and

No oily


Solvent-Free Solutions eliminates carcinogens, and does not damage skin and mucus tissues.

01 :: 100% Solvent Free

Solvents are volatile chemical compounds that evaporate at room temperature and cause cancer.

Solvents are found in most fragrance, deodorant, and skincare products.

Solvents destroy bioactivity:

  • Denaturing Chemicals

  • Cellular Damage

  • Causes Dry Skin

Solvents damage the benefits of natural nutrients, yet they are almost always found in fragrance and skin care products with concentrations as high as 50% being commonly used. Nutrients feed your skin, and if they're damaged then the skin loses out on their potency. Check out the literature for more information.

  • Vitamins
  • Antioxidants
  • Carotenes
  • Proteins
  • Nanostructures

02 :: Serum Vegan

The skin's primary functions boil down to turnover and matrix synthesis.

Our nutrients target common pathways of mammalian skin stem cells.

  1. Vascular Support
    (Blood Vessels)
  2. Cellular Turnover & Maintenance
    (Renewing Tissue)
  3. Development & Differentiation
    (Collagen Production)
  4. Extracellular Matrix
    (Skin Quality)
  5. Healing & Injury Response
    (Scar Tissues)

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